WETL Committees

Strategic Plan

Wisconsin Educational Technology Leaders is an organization for educational technology leaders in Wisconsin schools. The purpose of the organization is to assist K-12 school districts in understanding how to plan for the use and successful implementation of information technology in schools and advocate for districts’ technology needs to improve student learning.



New Director Support

We will make new technology leaders feel supported.

  • We will develop systems and processes to mentor new technology leaders
  • We will have targeted and frequent communication to new leaders, members, and the Google+ community.
Build Capacity

We will increase the capacity of the current/future technology leaders.

  • We will provide collaborative professional learning opportunities within existing professional learning experiences.
  • We will engage members to identify professional learning needs and provide the correlated professional learning.
CETL Certification

We will increase the number of CETLs and the value of the credential in Wisconsin.

  • We will develop a sustainable process to fund the preparation and successful completion of the CETL exam while also recognizing successful candidates.


Business Partnership

We will increase partnerships with business

  • We will generate a database of existing/new business partners to target specific to Wisconsin School District needs.
  • We will define and create a document of ways business vendors can support WETL.
  • We will Identify professional learning opportunities that business partners can provide.
EdTech Leadership

We will increase work partnerships with other state organizations.

  • We will generate of educational leadership groups to target partnerships with in years 1, 2, and 3.
  • We will Identify and schedule regular potential collaboration, communication and professional learning opportunities.
  • We will define specific collaboration opportunities aligned to each group’s strategic goals.
IT Workforce Development

We will work with stakeholders to increase advocacy for IT workforce development.

  • We will investigate current initiatives and critical partners around IT workforce development.
  • We will collaborate with other statewide partners on an action plan to support IT workforce development.
  • We will highlight school district exemplar pipeline student programs for IT workforce development.



We will increase technology leader representation and participation at the state and national level.

  • We will create an annual local and national schedule of events and recruit WETL representatives to attend.
  • We will develop a toolkit for technology leadership involvements in state and national advocacy.

We will increase communication and awareness of policies at the state and national level.

  • We will create an advocacy web page and update the new website with current policy and funding information.
  • We will author electronic communication regarding policy and
    funding with suggested action steps for members at least quarterly.
  • We will collaborate with organizations with common advocacy

We will increase WETL involvement in shaping policy at the state and national level.

  • We will annually create a plan to support CoSN’s vision EdTech advocacy.
  • We will research and develop a system for participating in policy creation.
  • We will create educational mechanisms to increase awareness among stakeholders.
  • We will promote the CETL certification as a state-recognized license alternative.
    1. Promote membership in WETL
    2. Monitor membership trends
    3. Propose methods of increasing membership in WETL
    4. Develop member benefits and promote communication within and beyond WETL membership
    5. Propose methods of communication between the Board of Directors and WETL members
    6. Identify topics of interest to WETL members and Provide for publications and other means of communication for WETL
    1. Identify and study current issues that affect education in Wisconsin and WETL
    2. Propose issues for organizational direction and action
    3. Formulate position statements for approval by the Board, which are based upon research and compatible with the positions of CoSN
    4. Establish and develop contact with federal and state legislators in order to inform legislative issues.
Public Relations
    1. Develop and maintain the WETL website and associated graphics and information
    2. Work with CoSN to develop press releases and other communication
    3. Work with other state organizations to promote WETL presentations and educational offerings
    4. Work with the Wisconsin DPI to promote conference opportunities
Professional Learning and Leadership
    1. Work with members on CETL testing and preparation
    2. Mentor other state organizations on issues surrounding educational technology
    3. Plan the WETL CTO boot camp each spring
    4. Highlight CoSN educational offerings
    5. Develop anchor lessons illustrating state of the art educational activities that leverage instructional technologies
    6. Provide a clearinghouse service with questions and information helping districts hire quality CTO staff
    7. Provide guidance on the evaluation of technology and vendor support
    1. Serve as a coordinating and planning committee for the Board of Directors
    2. Serve as a decision- making body between meetings of the Board of Directors for action which the Chair deems urgent and not requiring full Board approval
    3. Assume such other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors
WETL is an institutional membership organization open to K-12 school districts in Wisconsin. Other education agencies and interested parties may join as affiliate educators or affiliate corporate members. If you are interested in learning more about district membership or affiliate opportunities, please let us know by filling out the contact form to the right. Thank you!

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