WETL Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

WETL is proud to display our relationships with corporate and non-profit partners and sponsors.  In addition to presence on our website and access to our membership of technology leaders in Wisconsin, partners receive the opportunity to present to our board meetings.  Event and certification scholarship sponsors also receive the chance to attend events and network with our members and other attendees. Partnering with WETL is an opportunity for technology providers to reach a concentrated circle of education technology professionals.

Partner Benefits

WETL Corporate Membership

Sponsor leadership activities to include:

Exposure on website, Google+ community, and at WETL meetings

Opportunity to work with WETL to co-sponsor and host meetings with members on key issues

Can present for up to 30 min at WETL meetings 1x/year

Access to membership list (with guidelines)

Interact with Wisconsin educational technology leaders through access to our Google+ Site Partnership Group (Listed on our website and as a member on our Google Site to participate in communications and collaborations currently at 531 members at of December 2016)

Eligibility to run as a WETL Corporate Board Member through elections process when available

$5,000 per year (maximum of 3 per year, contact CoSN directly if interested in national membership)

Non-Profit Organization Partnership

This category is for types of partnerships with organization for a common purpose that meets the mission and goals of WETL. These partnerships will be listed on our web presence and our Google Partnership Community. We will work collectively with these organizations to support their mission and goals as well in ways that are collectively decided.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

CETL Certification Sponsors:

Scholarships for CETL Certification examination for Wisconsin leaders 

  • $1000 for 3 CETL sponsorships
  • $2000 for 6 CETL sponsorships
  • $3000 for 9 CETL Sponsorship
  • $4000 for 12 CETL Sponsorships 

All companies who sponsor CETL Exams will have company information and contact info shared with CETL exam participant 

WETL CTO Clinic at Brainstorm in February/March each year 

  • WETL CTO Clinic Sponsorship – Limit 2 platinum ( 1 sponsor for AV, 1 sponsor for appetizers) 4 gold sponsors
  • Platinum – $4,000
    • Logo on full slide for each platinum sponsor with “platinum sponsor” noted on slide next to logo
    • Logo on attendee lunch table/Sponsor lunch/appetizers “lunch today is provided by
      our platinum sponsor(s):”
    • Up to 4 company individuals attending the WETL CTO Clinic free of charge (Additional Attendees – $100)
    • Plus all other offerings from Gold levels below
  • Gold – $2,500:
    • Logo on slideshow before event
    • Table in CTO Clinic room with access to attendees
    • Up to 3 company individuals attending the WETL CTO Clinic free of charge (Additional Attendees – $100)

 WETL is open to new ideas for one-time sponsorships in partnership with the organization to meet the organization’s mission and goals

Become a Partner

WETL sponsorship provides companies with opportunities to engage in a partnership with our educator members and transform learning for all students.

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