WETL Member Benefits

The Framework is the body of knowledge upon which CoSN’s CETL® exam is based on and is the guide to everything a successful CTO needs to know and do. All of CoSN’s professional resources are based on the Framework. As Wisconsin’s CoSN chapter, we are pleased to provide another avenue for the resources within this Framework.

Leadership + Vision

Resources to improve the capacities of technology leaders to develop a strategic plan, implement policites and practices to enable innovative learning environments for their schools.

Understanding Educational Environment

WETL works to improve student outcomes at the classroom level by leveraging the power of technology to improve instructional strategies.

IT Management

Technology is a critical component of school district educational and operational activities. WETL provides support in managing a number of technical challenges associated with technology implementations, from informational security and broadband capacity to fiscal restraints.


WETL is an institutional membership organization open to K-12 school districts in Wisconsin. Other education agencies and interested parties may join as affiliate educators or affiliate corporate members. If you are interested in learning more about district membership or affiliate opportunities, please let us know by filling out the contact form to the right. Thank you!

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